‘Sultan’ Lucifer V’s Horse, Nassar’s Fiancee, Bill Gates’ son

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Nayel Nassar, the fiance of Bill Gates’ son, Jennifer, has a number of favorite horses, one of which is the elegant and sultan Lucifer V. This horse is 14 years old and is the horse of choice for Evergate Stables.

Lucifer V has had many achievements in the world of sport with Hardin Towell and the last two years or so with Nassar. Among other things, Lucifer won the CSI5* Longines Speed ​​Challenge of New York, the CSI5* Longines Grand Prix of New York, and the Olympic Qualifier in Rabat.

Through the site World of Show Jumping, Thursday (10/6/2021) Pauline Holmer who is the guardian of Lucifer V told about this sultan’s horse.

“The first time I met Lucifer, Nayel had just ridden him and I didn’t like him at all. If you put your hand down his ear will go back, and he’ll threaten to bite you,” Holmer said.

Lucifer is very hard to approach. In the beginning, whatever he was told, Lucifer would do the opposite. Holmer even had to stand in front of Lucifer’s cage for hours so that Lucifer would get to know him. A few days later, only Lucifer received it.

Lucifer is also a horse who loves freedom. He often moves to and fro freely and likes to run away.

“His eyes shone with joy with his escape and he would walk around the cage… when it was time for dinner he would return to his own place and playtime was over,” Holmer recalled.

Lucifer is also a horse who loves to be the center of attention. Amazingly, he was able to realize when race time was approaching and immediately made sure he was well rested beforehand.

One funny memory that still makes me laugh is the memory of the Longines Masters of Paris. Lucifer was bored with Nayel who never let go of him, so he decided to roll over with Nayel still sitting in the saddle! He knew he was doing his best and was waiting for him behind the cage,” he said.

“This horse always makes you laugh. He is my happy pill and I don’t think there are words that can describe how much I love him,” Holmer concluded.

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