Tired of Unsold Business? Just Create an Online Store Website

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Selling on the marketplace can indeed be a strategy to increase sales. However, sales don’t always run smoothly, because the marketplace is a gathering place for traders who sell similar products and that makes you have many competitors.

It is difficult to make a product stand out from other products. You can overcome this by creating your own online store website.

Using your own website will make it easier for you to find customers. So that they recognize your product in more detail. You want to know more about things related to online stores? Listen to this.

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Causes of Business on Marketplace Difficult to Develop

Marketplace can indeed be used as a marketing strategy in finding customers. You just have to know how your competitors’ marketing conditions are.

It makes competition more difficult, of course, in attracting customers to buy products, because the number of competitors can be in the hundreds. Other reasons why business is difficult to grow in the marketplace:

  • Consumers find it difficult to find products through search engines.
  • Brands are difficult to remember or recognize by consumers.
  • Difficult to gain customer trust
  • Consumers have many choices of products, so the opportunity to be bought by consumers becomes less.

You should immediately move on to other strategies if you don’t want to sell that much. Another step that can be taken is to create your own online store website.

Why Make an Online Store Website Necessary?

Today’s business competition is getting tougher, because the population is increasing and the desire of people to work as entrepreneurs is getting higher.

As a result, you must continue to look for special strategies to win the competition in attracting the attention of customers, including by creating your own online store. There are many reasons why an online store can help sell your products:

  • Ease of finding products on the website every time consumers search for information related to the product.
  • Have higher branding power.
  • It is more trusted by customers when a seller has their own website.
  • Product choices are only what you sell, thereby increasing the chances of consumers buying a product.

Are You Sure You Should Use Your Own Website to Increase Sales?

You are still hesitant to spend a budget to have your own website. You need to understand some facts related to online store websites based on the following Verisign research.

Only 51% of small businesses have websites, whereas almost 97% of consumers search for products online. When a seller does not have a website, then he may miss many opportunities and moments when consumers really want to buy an item online.

A survey conducted on small businesses in the United States shows that a website is a good place to find new customers. In fact, you will not only be able to get new customers, but also provide services to existing customers.

You will be able to update information and promotions for 24 hours every day. This can be one way to communicate with consumers more easily. Communication to consumers must continue to be established in order to maintain current sales, in order to keep repeat orders.

Most business people have succeeded in building the credibility of their product brands by using websites. This has been done by at least 65% of business people in the United States.

Which Hosting is Suitable for Online Stores?

You should not be careless in choosing a cheap hosting provider for your website, because it will affect how much your website can attract visitors to the website.

It requires a quality service provider and adequate features provided by the provider. Only DomaiNesia can meet your needs in terms of online stores.

One of the packages that are suitable for your online store is the Super Package. The package allows visitors to the website a maximum of 2000 per day.

In addition, the package provides many features that support good online store website performance. Curious about what these features are, then you can see the following.

  1. Hosting Features In the Super DomaiNesia Package, the CPU provided is 1 GHz. While the RAM that can be used by consumers in this package is 768 Mb. Data storage on the website can be up to 2 GB. Then, bandwidth, inodes, and VMEM are all unlimited. While PMEM is 769 Mb. The speed for accessing websites in the form of IO and IOPS has reached 76800 kBps.
  2. The Super Package allows to use cached instances, WordPress accelerators, and SSH access, so it is different from the Extra Packages which cannot take advantage of all three. Those of you who subscribe to this hosting package can get a free special domain.
  3. Security Features Online store websites definitely need multiple layers of protection to prevent malware attacks from hackers. Prevention can be done by using a layered security system. In order to maintain website security for all DomaiNesia consumers, CloudFlare, Railgun, Patchman Security, Anti-Virus, Bit Ninja Security, and so on are used.

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