Analog TV wants to be turned off, these are the characteristics of a TV that catches digital broadcasts

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The Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kominfo) has set the stages of migrating analog to digital TV starting August 17, 2021. Well, it’s good for you to know the characteristics of TV that broadcasts digitally.

For this analog TV lethal injection, Kominfo divides it into five stages which are expected to be fully switched to digital TV no later than 2 November 2022.

Enjoying digital TV broadcasts can be done in two ways. First, through a TV that already supports it. Second, with the help of a tool called a set top box.

The following are the characteristics of a TV that can capture digital broadcasts, as quoted from CNN Indonesia:

1. Not Tube TV

The first characteristic is not tube television. Of course, all tube TVs are analog televisions. Therefore, to enjoy digital TV broadcasts, you must be equipped with an additional set top box.

2. Flat Screen TV is Not necessarily Digital TV

second feature, seconds have to re-check your TV. Although the shape is flat aka LCD / LED, it does not mean it can receive digital TV broadcasts.

Usually the TV that already supports digital broadcasting has a digital broadcast search feature. That can be known through the “tuning” feature which has the option to search for analog TV broadcasts (ATV) or digital TV (DTV).

The channel search feature is using the ATV feature, the received image is not clear, which we usually call ‘antsy’. However, searching with the DTV feature immediately gives a clear picture.

Searching for digital broadcasts with the DTV feature can be done automatically or manually. For LCD or LED TVs that do not support digital broadcasting, you can use an additional set top box.

3. Support DVB-T2

In addition, the third feature is that not all TVs that have a digital broadcast search feature support digital broadcasts in Indonesia.

That’s because digital TV broadcasts in Indonesia use the DVB-T2 (Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial second generation) standard.

DVB-T2 is a tool for receiving digital broadcasts. this information is usually on the box or ask the seller if the tv supports DVB-T2.

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