Bitcoin Conference Becomes New Cause of COVID-19 Spread in the US

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Tens of thousands of cryptocurrency enthusiasts from around the world attended the biggest Bitcoin conference in Miami, Florida last weekend. After this event ended, many visitors reported positive for COVID-19 and this event has the potential to become a super spreader.

Larry Cermak, Research Director at cryptocurrency media The Block, tweeted that people he met at the conference claimed to have tested positive for COVID-19, even though he himself was not infected.

Several other visitors also announced that they were infected with the Corona virus via Twitter. Some of the tweets have since been deleted, but the Twitter account Cryptowhale managed to capture a screenshot of it and share it on Twitter.


The three-day event is the first major conference to be held in the United States since the pandemic began. The event was attended by 12,000 people from many countries, including Venezuela, Turkey, Nigeria, Cuba, and Lebanon.

It is not surprising that this event became a new cluster of spread in Florida considering that this event does not require visitors to wear masks. Visitors are also not required to show proof of vaccination.

Although some of the events were held outdoors, thousands of visitors still packed the auditorium, private parties, and other networking events without wearing masks.

Florida is also one of five states in the US that does not require the use of masks and was among the first states to relax restrictions due to COVID-19.

The organizer of the 2021 Bitcoin conference, BTC Media, said all visitors were given health protocol recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the state of Florida.

“The vaccine has been available for free for several months in the US, so anyone who wants to be vaccinated can do so before the event,” said BTC Media, as quoted by Gizmodo, Friday (11/6/2021).

“We are giving all visitors recommendations from the CDC and the state of Florida and telling our audience that those at high risk or who have not been vaccinated should consider waiting until next year.”

It is not known how many 2021 Bitcoin visitors will be infected with COVID-19 after participating in this event. Because it is not yet known whether this event will be labeled as a super spreader.

Currently the state of Florida only reports cases and deaths from COVID-19 on a weekly rather than daily basis, and the number of cases in the past week has not been announced.

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