BMW Dedengkot Recruited, Apple Cars Are More Real

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Apple is strongly suspected of being preparing a new product, namely an electric car. The news is getting stronger because the Cupertino-based company recently recruited former BMW executives.

He is Ulrich Kranz, a former senior executive who focused on electric cars. To CNBC quoted detikINET, Apple confirmed that they had hired Ulrich.

This signifies Apple’s seriousness in designing electric cars and in the future the possibility of competing with big names like Tesla. Indeed, Apple has never been forthright about making electric vehicles, but they have recruited experts several times.

In 2018, Apple hired Doug Field, who had worked on Tesla’s Model 3. With the strength of its brand, battery technology and expertise in the supply chain, Apple is seen as having great potential if it is to enter the electric car business.

But it seems that Apple’s preparation is still long considering this is a new category of product that they have never created. According to analyst from TF International Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple Car is likely to be launched in 2025-2027 as soon as possible

In his research note, Kuo said the specifications for the Apple Car were not final. He also added that there is a possibility that the launch schedule for this car will be pushed back to 2028 or later.

“Due to changes in the EV/self-driving market and Apple’s high quality standards, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Apple Car launch schedule was pushed back to 2028 or later,” Kuo said recently.

Kuo doesn’t doubt Apple’s car business will be a success, but he’s not sure how competitive the iPhone maker will be in the electric/autonomous car market because it’s already far behind in deep learning or artificial intelligence.

“If Apple Car is to be successful in the future, the key success factor will be big data/AI, not hardware,” Kuo said.

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