Gofar Hilman is excited and obscene phenomena on social media

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The viral sexual harassment issue that dragged Gofar Hilman made netizens commotion. How do psychologists view similar issues where someone writes a story or shares sexually suggestive content?

To detikINET, Nadya Puspita Ekawardhani, MPsi, Psychologist from Personal Growth gave his views. According to him, in general, someone shares various kinds of issues on social media so that the public or many people can see it, including sexually explicit talk.

People or celebrities who talk openly about sex-related topics may have a purpose. The motives are for educational purposes, clarifying information, or speaking obscenely to seek public attention.

“So, it cannot be generalized to all cases, and needs to be re-confirmed by looking at the initial intentions of the person concerned,” he explained via a short message, Friday (11/6/2021).

Furthermore, the use of language and the perspective of the person or celebrity who provides information is a big role in influencing people’s views on the topic raised. The meaning taken by each person can be different, especially when it comes to sexuality.

“The psychological influence that arises depends on each reader/viewer in responding to the topic, and requires a broad perspective and insight as a reader/viewer,” he said.

This broad perspective is expected to always be applied so that readers can process the information received. By trying to see things from different perspectives, readers can also avoid rushing to conclusions about what is obscene or immoral.

A person’s ability to respond to the content is also influenced by their respective backgrounds. These backgrounds include family, cultural, socio-economic backgrounds, to personal experiences. Thus, one to another can be very different in responding to the information received.

“How much of an influence comes back to the maturity of each individual and the surrounding environment,” concluded Nadya.

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