WhatsApp’s New Features Only Go to Android, Not iPhone

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Various new features are being prepared by WhatsApp which may soon be widely launched. One of them turns out to only be visiting Android-based phones, it can’t be used on Apple devices, especially iPhones and iPads.

The feature in question is called Flash Calls which is currently reportedly in the beta testing phase. This feature is considered to make it easier for users to log into WhatsApp accounts.

At this time, the user must enter the 6-digit number sent via SMS, to verify the WhatsApp account. Now with Flash Calls, users no longer need to do it because WhatsApp will call the user’s cellphone automatically. Users do not need to lift it because it will disconnect itself.

As quoted detikINET from Independent, with such a step, WhatsApp will verify the mobile number in the user log, whether it is the same as the number that received the previous six-digit code.

Reportedly, the verification can be automatic multi-device. This means that it will be easier later when the new WhatsApp feature, where one account can be used on multiple devices, has been launched.

But Flash Calls won’t work on Apple devices, apparently not because WhatsApp doesn’t want to, but because Apple doesn’t provide a public API where the call history can be read by apps, in order to maintain privacy.

But Flash Calls for Android users is also an option, in the sense that users who feel more comfortable with sending verification codes can still choose the old method. Flash Calls will also ask the user for prior approval to read the cell phone number. WhatsApp will also not access user data for other purposes.

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