Win Epic Prizes in Call of Duty: Mobile Thematic Events

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The biggest thematic event for the month of June has arrived at Garena Call of Duty: Mobile Indonesia. After successfully forming a team, it’s time for you to find the Urban Tracker.

In the thematic event, all players are asked to complete a mission to save the main character of Urban Tracker who in this plot has been captured by the enemy team. In an effort to find it, you will be faced with various missions and also clues that will be given from today until the 27th.

Each successfully completed mission will also produce a prize for all players. Players have the opportunity to get prizes such as cool weapons ASM 10, ICR-1 and others.

Don’t forget the most special gift is an intelligence token that can be used to proceed to the next mission.

It’s not just fun playing in this event. Special on June 12, 2021, you also have the opportunity to be able to use your dream character Urban Tracker – Exile for one full day. In addition, you can also win the opportunity to get 1 permanent epic character just by participating in events on social media.

Call of Duty Points has also been specially prepared for you on June 12, 2021 later with a total prize of more than 100,000 Call of Duty Points.

So what are you waiting for? Complete missions and find clues to save Urban Tracker starting today. Wait for more fun and more information only on the official Garena Call of Duty: Mobile Indonesia Instagram and Facebook.

*This article is a collaboration between detikINET and Garena.

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