12 Free Internet Apps on Android Phones: Best of 2021

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The data quota that must be purchased sometimes has a price that is beyond the reach of some people. Maybe you yourself have also experienced it, when you need a quota but don’t have the money to buy a package. And usually at this time people will think how free internet /

But is there really anything free in this world? Of course there is, especially if it’s just the internet. Actually there are quite a lot of tips and secrets that we can use in order to access them for free.

So we don’t need to buy a data quota package and can save the money for other needs. Curious? Let’s check the following tutorial.

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Free Internet Apps on Android

For those of you who may have been in the world of free internet, you must be familiar with names like Psiphon, http injector or OpenVPN.

Those are some of the applications that are often used as a tool for free internet. But for those who are still layman, of course, do not know what its function is and how it works. For this reason, let’s look at some applications for free internet on the following android phones.

1. Psiphon

Free Internet Apps Android

Who is not familiar with this one application. When it comes to how to surf the internet for free, surely the name Psiphon will not be left behind.

Because it is quite popular and proven to be able to provide access to the internet for free. Usually in using this app we also take advantage of bugs from each operator.

And one more advantage of Psiphon is that you don’t need to use SSH and you can connect to all applications with the whole device feature. The resulting free internet connection is also quite stable and can be used for browsing, streaming and even downloading.

2. HTTP Injector

Free Internet Apps Android

Furthermore, there are applications that have been widely used by gretongers. HTTP Injector is almost similar to Psiphon but uses a slightly different method. Here we need an active SSH account to be used. In addition there is also a setting commonly referred to as payload.

Usually these settings have been formulated and distributed in the form of files so that we only need to import them and do not need to set them manually anymore. All we need is an active SSH account and we can directly connect to the internet for free. Is that easy?

3. Anonytun

Free Internet Apps Android

Recently also appeared an application that is quite fast rising in the free internet community. His name is Anonytun, have you heard of it? You could say this application is a combination of Psiphon and HTTP Injector.

Why is that? Because in it there are settings with the payload system. But on the other hand it also doesn’t require an active SSH account like psiphon.

4. Open VPN Connect

Free Internet Apps Android

For those of you who have been in the free internet world for a long time, you must be familiar with Open VPN. Because this one application has long been one of the mainstays in the world of gretongers. Even now, Open VPN is still a mainstay to provide free internet access.

Usually when we want to use Open VPN, we need a config file that already contains the bug settings from the operator.

So we just need to import it into the application and the settings are ready to be connected directly. As the name suggests, this application also has a VPN feature that will be very useful later.

5. eProxy

Free Internet Apps Android

From day to day, the methods used to be able to surf for free on Android phones are growing. And more and more people are making alternative free internet applications. One of them is this eProxy which is also a shame if you don’t try it.

For its use is not too different from other applications. But he said this one app is lighter to use. So for those of you who have a potato smartphone, you can enjoy free internet access.

6. KPN Tunnel

Free Internet Apps Android

The next application recommendation is KPN Tunnel. For the system and the method itself, it also uses a payload that takes advantage of operator bugs such as Telkomsel, Indosat and others.

The application is also equipped with various other features such as IP Finder and Host Checker. So those of you who want to learn to mix your own payload can also use this app.


Free Internet Apps Android

Still looking for other unlimited free internet applications? Maybe this Troid VPN can be your choice. It is equipped with a proxy setting feature, header to protocol that can be set at will. This will also ensure your safety while surfing the internet.

8. Simple Server

Free Internet Apps Android

It’s been a go-to application for free internet for years, making the name Simple Server hard to forget. Maybe now it has been somewhat replaced by a new app.

But still Simple Server was once the most reliable free internet application in its era. It can find bugs from almost all providers, from Telkomsel, Indosat, Tri to XL.

9. Ultrasurf

Free Internet Apps Android

Want to surf the internet without having to worry about security? So Ultrasurf is able to provide that. This application is designed to be able to bypass the censorship imposed by the cellular provider.

So this will ensure your security and privacy while on the internet. There are several setting options that you can use starting from autoproxy, manual proxy to direct connect.

10. Hideme VPN

Free Internet Apps Android

Actually this application functions more as a VPN when we are using the internet. So it can maintain the privacy of identity more secure. In addition, it is usually also used to access sites that are blocked by positive internet very easily.

11. Vortex VPN

Free Internet Apps Android

The need for the internet often makes us have to spend a lot of money. Especially if you like downloading and streaming, you will definitely need a lot of internet quota.

But this will not happen if we use Vortex VPN. Your spending on data quota can be reduced so that it is not too wasteful.

12. Auto Proxy

Free Internet Apps Android

Rather than being called a free internet app, Auto Proxy is actually a complementary tool. Where in the past it was often used to set up a proxy when using ssh with other tunnel applications.

But now it seems that it is rarely used because there are already many apps equipped with built-in autoproxy functions in them.


Those are some of the free internet ways that we can use to be able to surf for free on Android phones. Using a free internet application, maybe everyone is successful and some is not.

The application above has indeed become a mainstay for gretongers to take advantage of operator bugs to get free internet access. Those of you who don’t have a quota must try it so you can still surf the internet.

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