McDonald’s Customer Data Stolen, Indonesia One of them?

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Fast food chain McDonald’s is beset with user safety issues. According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, McDonald’s is the latest company to have its customers’ personal data stolen by hackers.

Unlike the recent attacks that hit CNA Financial and Colonial Pipeline, McDonald’s claims it did not deal with ransomware, but company information in the United States was retrieved, along with some customer data in South Korea and Taiwan.

Reported detiKINET from The Verge, Sunday (13/6/2021) the company discovered a data breach after hiring a consultant to investigate unauthorized activity on internal security systems.

In the US, data accessed includes business contact information for franchises, store seating capacity, and play area size.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s branches in South Korea and Taiwan experienced the theft of customer personal data and this incident the company will take steps to notify regulators and customers listed in the files.

McDonald’s stressed that no customer payment information was contained in the affected files.

McDonald’s said business operations were not disrupted by the data breach and in the coming days, several additional branches would be taking steps to deal with files containing employee personal data.

The Wall Street Journal reports these other branches include South Africa and Russia, both of which were flagged in the security consultancy’s initial investigation.

Until this news rises, it is not yet known whether McDonald’s branches in other countries including Indonesia are affected by this data breach or not.

Non-paying data breaches from restaurant chains like McDonald’s are not so severe as to disrupt business operations, but they are another example of how large companies are also often easy targets for hackers.

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