6 Ways to Reduce Video Size: Without Losing Quality

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Video is one type of file that has a large size when compared to others. One video can be up to several gigabytes in size depending on the quality and duration.

And with the emergence of this problem, many people are looking for a way to reduce video size without compromising on quality.

Please note, the video file has many types of formats ranging from mp4, mkv, flv, 3gp and so on. Each of these formats has its own advantages and disadvantages.

There is a large size with good quality, there is a small size but poor quality, there is also a small size but the quality is still quite good.

So, which video format has the best quality but has a small size? To answer this question, please read the following explanation.

Video Size Factor

Before we dive deeper into how to shrink a video without compromising on quality. We must learn and know first, what are the things that determine the quality and size of a video.

Without knowing this, it will be difficult for us to be able to reduce the size of the video without reducing the quality.

Broadly speaking, there are 4 things that can be said to determine the quality and size of the video.

I will explain one by one, so please read and understand so you can follow the next tutorial without experiencing difficulties. These are the factors that affect the size and quality of a video.

A. Frame Size and Aspect Ratio

Frame size is a measure of the width and height of a video in pixels, while the aspect ratio is the ratio of the width and height.

For example, a video has a width of 150 pixels and a height of 100 pixels, then the frame size of the video is 150 x 100. As for the aspect ratio, it is 3:2 which is the result of a comparison of 150:100 (reduced).

In a video, the frame size will determine the sharpness (number of pixels).

This frame size is also often referred to as resolution. While the aspect ratio is to ensure that the video will remain proportional even though it is played on devices that have different widths.

B. Frame Rate

Video is actually a collection of images that are displayed sequentially. Well, the frame rate is the number of images displayed in every second.

The frame rate has units of fps (frames per second), the more the number of fps, the smoother a video will be, and vice versa.

Generally there are 5 types of fps that are most widely used, namely 24, 25, 30, 50 and 60. Which is the best? For Asian standards it is 25 fps, while for America it is 30 fps, so adjust accordingly.

C. Codec

Codec stands for Codec-Decoder or Compressor-Decompressor. You could say this is the heart of a video, without it it is impossible for a video to be saved into a digital media.

This codec is very important because it determines the size of the file size, bit rate and compatibility with various media players. Arguably the most common and economical codecs for size are H.264 and H.265.

D. Bit Rate

Is the data rate of a video while it is playing, this will determine whether a video can be played in real time. For example, when you are watching a video on YouTube, you must have experienced buffering, right?.

Well that is a result of our internet connection which is lower than the bit rate of the video we watch. So the internet speed can’t keep up with the high bit rate.

Because it’s impossible for us to watch a 4K quality video on YouTube with just a 3G connection without experiencing buffering.

The higher the resolution of a video, the higher the bit rate will be. For example, to play videos with 4K quality, you will need an internet connection speed of at least 25mbps.

Now we come to the long-awaited tutorial. Now that you know the factors that affect video size and quality, it’s time to put it into practice.

How to Reduce Online Video Size

In the second way this can be done in the chrome browser, firefox. That is by using website tools that can reduce video size easily without additional applications, for how to compress online videos as follows.

1. Opening an Online Video Compress Website

The first step is to open the Youcompress website. At first glance, this website can compress videos without reducing quality, it can also be used for other video formats.

2. Upload Videos

Then enter the video file that you want to reduce in size, by clicking on the column provided.

Then my friend click upload file & compress.

compress video online

3. Wait for the Compress Process

Wait for the process to finish, and click download to start saving the compressed video.

how to compress video on laptop

How to Reduce Video Size on Laptop

There are so many applications that we can use to reduce the video size on a laptop pc, but this time we will use Handbrake support Windows, Linux, Mac OS.

Here’s how to reduce the video size on a PC laptop that you can try.

1. Download the App

First, of course, please download and install the Handbrake application.

2. Insert Videos

Once installed, open the application and enter the prepared video by clicking Source > File.

how to compress video on laptop pc

3. Setting Settings

Next, please specify the destination folder, the place where the results of the video will be placed.

how to reduce video size on handbrake

4. Set the Video Format

Well, this is the most important part, set the output settings according to your needs. Remember, each setting greatly affects the video that will be produced.

how to compress video without destroying quality

5. Start Compress Video

Don’t forget to also set the video codec to H.264 (x264).

how to compress videos on a laptop pc easy

6. Wait for Process

compress video

Click button start encoding if you are sure of the settings and wait for the process to run.

When you’re done, just check the destination folder that was set earlier.

How to Reduce Video Size on HP

For the next step for you Android phone users, you can compress videos on Android phones using additional applications.

Previously we also discussed the video compression application on cellphones, which you can try. Here’s how to reduce the video size on an Android phone.

1. Download the App

The first step to reduce the video size on an Android phone, is to download the following application.

2. Open the App

Before opening the application, make sure it is installed first. Then open as usual.

3. Insert Videos

Then you can click Trim and Compress, This feature is useful for reducing the size of the video without reducing the quality of the video.

easy video compression on cellphone

4. Adjust Video Quality

Then the following page will appear, here you can adjust the video quality as you wish. The smaller the value, the smaller the resolution.

how to compress video on android phone

5. Save Video

Just a few more steps to successfully compress the video, you can click save gallery to save it internally.

compress video on android phone easy

6. Wait for the Compress Process

Now, if you have just waited for the compress process to finish, the length of time to compress depends on the size of the video, the length of the video and the quality of the video.

If successful it will appear as shown below.

Done compress video

How to Compress Videos with VLC

You can try this fourth method on a laptop or computer, using additional applications. This application is also multifunctional, it can also play videos.

Here’s how to compress videos with vlc on a laptop pc, see the steps well.

1. Download the VLC App

The first step you can download the VLC application on your computer or laptop for free.

2. Open VLC

Then open the vlc application, then open media> convert / save.

compress video with vlc

3. Adding Videos to VLC

Then go to the file tab, click add and enter the video into the column, as shown in the screenshot below.

4. Set Format & Quality

For this section you can adjust as needed, in the settings section. Click convert > Profile Video -H.264 + MP3 (MP4) this is the setting I use.

Then in the Destination section, click browse > save the video location as desired > click start.

compress video vlc

5. Wait for Process and Check

Just waiting for the results of compressing the video with vlc, you can see the progress of the compression, at the bottom of the vlc.

compress video on laptop with app

How to Minimize Video / Compress Video on PC

The first application that you can use to reduce the size of a video is Freemake Video Converter.

You can use this application to shrink videos automatically or manually, how to use this application is very easy, here are the steps.

1. How to Use

3 easiest ways to reduce video size 1
  • Install and open the Freemake Video Converter application.
  • Add the video you want to reduce in size.
  • Select the output format issued.
  • Set the file size as desired, then Convert Video.

This method is perfect for those of you who want a video with good quality with a smaller size. This software will work and run automatically to reduce the video you want.

2. Change the Video Resolution

3 easiest ways to reduce video size 2

Not everyone wants high video resolutions like 720p and 4K. There are also those who want a moderate resolution, namely 360p or 480p, this size is considered sufficient, especially for those who use Android phones. How to change video resolution:

  • Open the Freemake Video Converter application.
  • Add the video you want to reduce or resize.
  • Select the desired output format.
  • Select the video with the resolution you want (640 x 360, 640 x 480, and so on).
  • Then select Convert Videos.

3. Changing Video Codec

There are several types of video codecs, each of which has a different quality.

By changing this video codec, the file size of the video can be reduced by 2-3 times. One of the most efficient codecs is H.264.

3 easiest ways to reduce video size 3

So you can use this software to change the video codec that you want to reduce in size. Using the H.264 codec format is the same as saving the same video as HD resolution video.

3 easiest ways to reduce video size 4

The frame rate is the number of frames that appear per second. The frame rate of a video varies, usually between 24-30 fps for videos now it can be up to 60 fps.

To reduce the video, you can lower the frame rate, for example, from 60 fps to 30 fps.

With this, the video size will also decrease significantly. However, this method can reduce the smoothness of the video.

5. Reduce Video Bitrate

3 easiest ways to reduce video size 5

Bitrate also affects the size of a video, the smaller the bitrate value of a video, the smaller the size of the video file.

If you want to reduce the video size then you can reduce the value of the video bitrate.

But you should not reduce the video bitrate too low because it can have a bad impact on video quality, it is recommended that a bitrate value between 1400-2000 kbps is recommended.


Every method that is done may be different for each application, from so many applications. I recommend handbrake, because there are complete features, because the application is devoted to compressing videos.

Make it easy buddy, now that’s how to reduce the size of the video without reducing the quality on a laptop pc. If the resulting video is not to your liking, please change and combine the settings until the appropriate settings are found.

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