Quick Help Eriksen, Captain Simon Kjaer Praised by World Netizens

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The collapse of Christian Eriksen colored the Denmark vs Finland match at Parken Stadium, Copenhagen, in the opening duel of Group B European Cup 2020, Saturday (12/6) night. Eriksen suddenly collapsed at the end of the first half. The quick action of the Danish team and captain Simon Kjaer was praised by netizens.

The captain immediately gave CPR assistance and made sure Eriksen didn’t swallow his own tongue. He also made sure the Danish squad immediately surrounded Eriksen to protect his privacy.

Then, Kjaer also calmed down and hugged Eriksen’s wife who looked very panicked to see her husband. Luckily, Eriksen was able to recover after quick help from his team and also the medical staff.

“Simon Kjaer made sure Eriksen didn’t swallow his tongue, gave him CPR and made sure the squad was around him so it wouldn’t be recorded. He then calmed down Eriksen’s family. To do it in a moment as hot as this is incredible,” reads a report

“Captain and hero, Simon Kjaer. Before the medical came, he secured Eriksen and started CPR. He is the one who could have saved Eriksen’s life. An act of hero. Kjaer is also trying to keep Eriksen’s wife strong. Proud of you,” said one netizen.

“The medical team is of course a hero but also Simon Kjaer. Before the medical came, he secured Eriksen’s neck and started CPR. Hero,” said another. Here are some netizen responses on Twitter:

Eriksen became a trending topic on Twitter this morning as monitored on Sunday (13/6/2021). There are 2.91 million tweets about Eriksen. Then Simon Kjaer also became a trending topic with 127,000 tweets, followed by Denmark with 500 thousand tweets. The incident that happened to Eriksen attracted the attention of netizens worldwide, especially football fans. Luckily his life was saved.

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